<uml t=“Declaring participant”> actor Foo1 boundary Foo2 control Foo3 entity Foo4 database Foo5 Foo1 → Foo2 : To boundary Foo1 → Foo3 : To control Foo1 → Foo4 : To entity Foo1 → Foo5 : To database </uml>

<uml title=“Change arrow style”> Bob →x Alice Bob → Alice Bob →> Alice Bob -\ Alice Bob \\- Alice Bob – Alice Bob →o Alice Bob o\\– Alice Bob ↔ Alice Bob ↔o Alice </uml> <uml title=“Grouping message”> Alice → Bob: Authentication Request alt successful case Bob → Alice: Authentication Accepted else some kind of failure Bob → Alice: Authentication Failure group My own label Alice → Log : Log attack start loop 1000 times Alice → Bob: DNS Attack end Alice → Log : Log attack end end else Another type of failure Bob → Alice: Please repeat end </uml>

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